Market Preserves

After moving to the semi-rural Murwai Valley just over 12 years ago, my partner and I expanded our love of food with frequent visits to local Farmer’s Markets.

There is no better way to spend a weekend morning than meandering around local markets, tastings the wonderful artisanal foods on offer! And blessed we are with so many choices.

We love to visit the local markets at Kumeu, Coatesville and even further afield at Smales Farm in Takapuna. 

Wandering around a market gives you the chance to meet – and to taste – some amazing locally made snakcs and meals made with love, care and soul. And behing every amazing market stall there are people doing something they are passionate about. 

We’re now hoping to bring some of those smaller local producers to you, giving them the opportunity to share resources to get their products out into market. We’ll be bringing you recipes, new product ideas and a range of great tasting products from some amazing caring and wonderful people right here from New Zealand.

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And if you are an artsian, producing something amazing, get in touch and see if it would suit you to join with us at the Food Store!