Are you a producer of artisan foods?


 The Food Store can represent your brand, driving sales through retail distribution and savvy marketing.

Grow your business without the added cost of your own sales teams, travel and expenses!

We offer Sales Calls on retail stores including delicatessan’s, large Fruit N Vege, Supermarkets, Gift Stores and Hamper companies. We can also offer Marketing & Business Services designed to help you grow your business.

How does it Work?

Your Sales Agent

As your ‘sales agent’ or ‘sales rep’, we call on retail stores to present your products.

Everyone has their own skill set – yours is creating your products – so instead of adding the cost of sales staff, travel and expenses, you can get a professional sales representative, doing sales calls on selected stores in your target area for a fraction of the cost.

We can represent you in any area you prefer from Taupo North, the North Island or the whole country.

Hiring your own sales representative is expensive, now you can share the cost with other, non-competing, companies.

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The next step from having a sales agent is to appoint The Food Store as your Distributor.

This makes the most sense for a smaller company as it rids you of all the hassle of retail orders – you get sales calls, marketing, fulfillment and invoicing all done for you!

Our distribution includes Sales Calls to get new customers plus we take care of storage, packaging, freight and invoicing of retail orders.

We’re looking for specialist products to reach out to retailers with. Let’s talk – contact me here

Business Advice / Marketing Services

if you have prefer to distribute yourself but want some help with sales, marketing or how to reachg your customer – I have helped turn companies from being in debt back into profitability, plus I have started and run my own multi-million dollar companies after starting with next to nothing. So I understand what you are going through.

If you would you like some help, maybe an independent review of your systems, a mentor who understands those long days, or just someone to bounce ideas around with, I can help.

Let’s talk – contact me here

+ Online Shopping

The Food Store is also seeking quality, healthy products to sell direct to consumer. 

The Food Store promotes Artisan products and we have a range of options for nice products. 

We’ll be promoting our range of locally produced, artisan and specialty products to foodies and health conscious consumers – do you want your product included?  Contact us now

Why it works…


Our Business Experience

I have created 2 start-ups and taken them to multi-million dollar success. I also helped other loss-making companies turn profitable and now through the Food Store, I’m excited to be helping our local producers reach new markets.

Exceptional Products

Kiwi’s are making some of the best food and goods and offering them at local Farmers markets – now they’ll be made available nationwide!


Joint marketing

Our online store will also wow audiences with its wider range of products attracting more people.


Sharing is Caring

By joining together several suppliers, it makes sales calls and marketing more economical. Something probably not possible for a producer on your own. 


You're not alone

I know what it’s like being a small busines, I’ve owned several. By partnering with the Food Store, you have a partner working for you – without any upfront cost!


Active Promotions

We’ve got some great promotional ideas for the retail store – to get you more sales in more places, more often.


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I do need to believe in your product, customer service and your goals. And of course you need to connect with me and my services.

You’ll receive monthly reports and feedback. There’s no long-term contracts. Just sales success!

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