For the Love of Tams

For the Love of Tams


For The Love Of Tams
products are not only delicious, but also have health benefits.

“Grown right here in New Zealand, the GOLD award-winning Tamarillo Vinaigrette and Tamarillo Relish are made from the tastiest New Zealand grown Tamarillo’s”

Northland couple Robin and Heather enjoyed the taste of Tamarillo so much, they started experimenting with ways to have it available all year round.

After working out the best recipe to extract the sweetest pulp from the fruit, they discovered the delicious Tamarillo Relish and a beautifully tangy and sweet Tamarillo Vinaigrette.

After forming TAMCO, the NZ Tamarillo Co-operative, they created ‘For the Love of Tams’ to deliver their award winning product to your table.

With no added preservatives or additives you get a
GLUTEN FREE and DAIRY FREE product perfect for so many uses.

The Vinaigrette, in its easy pour bottle is perfect either on its own sprinkled over green salad, or mixed with olive oil for a perfect salad dressing. It adds amazing flavour drizzled over roasted vegetables or pan-fried fish. 

While the chunky and delicious Tamarillo Relish goes great with cheese, is amazing dolloped on hot scones, and gives a lift to any roasted vegetables, meats and pies. The Relish also goes great on tacos and can be combined with sour cream for a dip for corn chips.

Both the relish and the vinaigrette contain red wine vinegar which has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for various ailments, while vinegar is a natural preservative giving the Vinaigrette a natural long shelf life.

The Tamarillo Vinaigrette and Tamarillo Relish is so good it continues to win awardsFrom Silver medalist Outstanding Food Producers Award 2018, the prestigious American Sofi Award for Best Salad Dressing 2019 to the 2022 GOLD medal for both products in the Artisan Awards.

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Raw Manuka Honey

Easy Cheese & Tamarillo Pinwheels


Frozen ready-made Puff Pastry
For the Love of Tams – Tamarillo Relish
Cheese for grating


Defrost two sheets of the frozen Puff Pastry, then spread ‘For the Love of Tams’ Tamarillo Relish on to the puff pastry. 
Sprinkle with your favourite cheddar cheese. Then gently roll the pastry to form a log.

Slice the roll into 1cm wide pieces before placing each piece flat on a lined baking tray.
Bake at 180 degrees Celsius until the pastry puffs up and is golden brown.


While For the Love of Tam’s is great with a range of salad’s, vege’s, meat’s and cheese boards, the delicous Relish is also great in some amazing recipes!

Try this very simple and quick way to enjoy the goodness of Tamarillo in a savoury treat ideal for morning or afternoon tea.


Robin & Heather, Producers

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