About The Food Store

The Food Store showcases Premium Artisan New Zealand made goods.

Enjoy the superior taste of these quality NZ made items made with care from local artisan producers.

You can enjoy these natural great items, knowing they are made with care.

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Helping Small Kiwi Business

Hard working Kiwi’s around our country are making their favourite family recipe, or following their dream to produce small batches of delicous foods or special treats.

We are helping these ‘made with love’ products reach a wider market through sales and distribution.

To food with Love

Specialty foods, yummy treats, home-made preserves, skin care and homewares. You’ll find them all around New Zealand, being made by passionate people with love. 

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From Kiwi’s for Kiwi’s

Made with Love, you’ll find our shelves stocked with wonderful local kiwi products made with care and passion. Featuring honest goodness produced with care, here in Aotearoa.

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Artisan Foods NZ

For the Love of Tams

Amazingly delicous
Tamarillo Relish & Vinaigrette

Coming Soon

Salads, Dips or Dressing??

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